Why is my Commercial Roof Leaking? More Questions Answered.

In the first part of this blog series, we touched on some of the most frequently asked questions concerning commercial roofing and the basics that need to be addressed to keep commercial roofs in tip-top shape. Avoiding leaks is key in keeping your building in good health and keeping further costs of maintenance and repair down. There are many more simple questions we’ve encountered in the roofing industry that businesses and building owners commonly have about commercial roofing. Keep reading to have some of these questions answered, and if your question isn’t listed here, contact the professionals at Crest Exteriors. We’re always happy to help!

Is a flat roof always going to be troublesome?

For some areas, flat commercial roofing can be harder to maintain than in other areas. This can lead to chronic problems with these types of roofs. But a flat commercial roof doesn’t always have to cause you grief. A properly cared for commercial roof can be just as effective as any other type of roof you may have to deal with. The best ways to avoid letting your commercial roof get the best of you include having regular inspections, providing your roof with maintenance when it needs it, and also knowing the life expectancy of your roof. These three things will help keep water from thunderstorms or melting snow out of your business and outside where it belongs.

What coatings should be used?

This question isn’t an easy one to answer without an understanding of your specific needs and current roofing system. However, there are a variety of options available to meet any need. Commercial roof coatings are an important part of regular maintenance. The elements can take a heavy toll on a flat roof and wear down the original coatings. Renewing these coatings or updating your roof with a more appropriate coating is a small investment to help your roof last. Check back on the blog for more information about specific types of coatings available for your commercial roofing needs.

Are commercial roofing materials really that different from residential ones?

Because of the construction differences between a residential roof and commercial roof, roofing materials are often different. There is some overlap between the types of materials that are used in both instances, however; knowing what types of materials are best for different roofing applications can help you to make the best informed decision. Previously on the blog, we covered the most common roofing options for residential roofs. The main similarity between the two different sets of materials is the use of asphalt products. Both commercial roofing and residential roofing commonly utilize asphalt. However, there is some metal used in commercial applications as well. Outside of those two types of products, commercial and residential roofing need different types of materials and different expertise.

Do I have to get my roof sloped?

You’re probably used to seeing commercial roofs that are flat. Large buildings and other commercial facilities tend to have flat roofs in order to conserve space and not cause architectural difficulty by trying to install a roof that looks more like a house. However, these flat roofs aren’t the only option. Often, sloping a roof by a small amount can help the longevity and durability of a commercial roof. Sloping isn’t required, but there are a few instances where you’ll want to make it a priority. You’ll need a sloped roof if water tends to pool on the roof for more than 48 to 72 hours. Also consider a sloped roof for areas that get a lot of snowfall, which can put added weight and pressure on your roof.

What factors are important when choosing a new commercial roof?

While you may not want to think about having a new roof installed on your commercial facility, you’re eventually going to have to. However, there are several factors that are important when considering what type of commercial roof to get and when you will need to get a new one. When evaluating your roof, professionals take into consideration factors like cost, energy efficiency, weight loads, and aesthetics to help you get the perfect commercial roof.

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