What Should You Look for in a Potential Home Buy?

Buying a home is a big investment for most people. Often, when individuals go through the homesearch process and get ready to put an offer on a house, they’re ready to purchase because of the interior of the home. Many different aspects concerning the exterior of the home can easily go ary because homebuyers don’t always make that a priority. But you should. The exterior of a home is something that needs to be cared for and can easily cost you a lot more after a home purchase in order to repair or replace anything that may be wrong. To avoid spending money on an inspection and escrow on a home that will cost you money you aren’t ready to spend, ask yourself the following questions prior to putting in an offer on a home.

Is the roof insurable?

One of the first questions you want to ask yourself is if the roof on the home is insurable. There are certain types of roofs that are no longer covered on new homeowner’s insurance policies, making the house impossible to insure if it changes hands. T-lock shingles are one of these roofing types that was very common prior to their discontinuation in the mid-2000s. This particular style of roofing was very popular, yet insurance companies didn’t like T-lock shingle roofs  because if they were even a little bit damaged from weather, the whole roof had to be replaced. Additionally, older, historic houses built around 1900 may have asbestos cement tiles. This is another type of older roofing that could cause problems for a new home buyer in the long-term, as the cost to replace the roof will be greater than a more traditional roof due to the need for asbestos mitigation.

Does it have weather damage?

While you won’t be able to climb onto the roof during your homesearch, you can still get a pretty good idea of the quality of the roof from the ground or through a second-story window. You will want to do a simple visual inspection for any missing shingles, rusted flashing, or hail divots. Any weather damage could mean that the roof’s integrity has been compromised and a new roof may be necessary in the near future. A bit of weather damage doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to say no to the home, as long as you know that you’ll probably be replacing it within a few years of the purchase.

How old is the roof?

We regularly talk about the age of a roof here on the Crest Exteriors blog, and this is because of how important this point is. Many roofing materials have a finite lifespan, and once that lifespan has been reached, the odds of your roof failing go up exponentially. Knowing the age of the roof on a home that you are interested in gives you more information to make an informed decision concerning your investment. There are also signs you can look for that will help to provide you with information about the age of the roof, which you can read about here on the blog.

Is the material ideal for my area?

As we’ve talked about, there are many different material options for both residential and commercial roofing projects. The different materials are factors that can influence how long a roof will last, and certain areas do better with certain materials than others. For areas that are dry and deal with plenty of hail, odds are that a durable, asphalt shingle will treat you best. However, for areas that get very hot, perhaps tile is a good option. Make sure that the current material on the roof will withstand the weather conditions that regularly occur in the area.

Are you getting an inspection?

While most people opt of a home inspection during the buying process, there are some who don’t. We always recommend that you get an inspection, as all inspectors will get on the roof and check the small details that you can’t always see. You’ll get a full sense of any problems that the house may have and where you will have to spend money later if you need to.

When you’re looking for a new house during your homesearch process, don’t forget the importance of checking the roof. If you need to get your roof replaced on a home you just purchased, or if you need roof repairs, contact the professionals at Crest Exteriors today!