Been through hail and back recently? What might it have done to your roof? Hopefully nothing, but
you’d be surprised at just how much damage hail can do to your roof.

The most common types of hail damage are:

  • Loss of Granules. The mineral granules are a small but mighty part of the shingle that
    protects the asphalt coating. When they are lost, they can clog up your gutter. But, more
    importantly, your shingles age faster.
  • Cracked Surfacing. If high winds accompanied the hail, it’s more likely that there will be
    cracks in the granule-asphalt surfacing. These often radiate from the point of impact.
  • Exposed or Fractured Fiberglass Mat. If the hail has cracked or shattered the surfacing, the
    fiberglass mat can be exposed. Or worse, fractured. Fractured mats can result in tears, or
    later cracks as the shingles age. You don’t want cracks!
  • Loosened Self-Seal Strips. If the self-seal strips are loosened, they may settle back into place
    but the integrity of the seal may be compromised which could mean shingles are more likely
    to blow-off in future high-wind situations.

Does any of this damage mean I need an entirely new roof?

Not necessarily. A professional can assess the extent and locations of the damage and recommend
the solution that’s right for you. In many cases, shingles can be replaced in small sections and
hand-sealed after replacement.