Watch Out for Roofing Weak Points

Knowing what to look for in terms of your roofing, when it needs repairs, when you may need to replace it, and where the weak points are, can be exceptionally beneficial. This can help you to prepare for any upcoming major repairs in advance, and also provide preventative maintenance to these areas to help make sure that you don’t need repairs for quite some time. Along with watching out for these potential problems, getting regular roof inspections can make a big difference in the longevity of your roof. Team up with Crest Exteriors to keep your roof in ship-shape and reduce the long-term costs of letting it wear out prematurely, especially in the following potential weak points.


We regularly talk about the flashing found on a roof and how it can cause a slew of problems if it wears out. The best part about flashing is that if you have problems with it, you may not even need any other roof repairs or replacement. Some flashing can be worked on without pulling up any shingles. However, if the metal flashing around things like your chimney and oven vent fail, then you could be looking at a much larger repair. Because flashing protects the gaps between shingles and an opening in the roof, when flashing fails, it lets water and other moisture into the attic, and even into your ceilings and walls. This can cause substantial water damage if it’s not addressed promptly and correctly. Easy ways to identify if your flashing has failed is if you see any rusting or other damage, and of course, if you have water seeping into your home.


The soffit of a home is the flat area on the underside of the roof overhang. This is often where you can find the ventilation for the attic. While not directly a part of your roof, the soffit still provides a variety of functions for the roof, and additionally, if your roof and gutters aren’t properly taken care of, the soffit can experience premature wear. Along with keeping a general eye on the soffits, you can also make sure they are painted properly and that your gutters are installed properly to provide the soffit with the best protection possible. The paint will help make the wood soffit water-resistant, and the properly functioning gutters will make sure additional moisture doesn’t collect and drip from the soffit, adding additional wear.


Many people often confuse the eaves of a roof and the soffit. This is an easy mistake to make because if someone was pointing to either, they’d be pointing to basically the same area. As we explained above, the soffit is the horizontal portion of the roof on the underside of the overhang. The eaves are the overhanging portion of any roof. Eaves can easily be damaged, especially in snowy climates, where ice dams can form. As snow accumulates on a roof and then melts, it tends to refreeze on the eaves. This can cause big problems. There are a couple of ways to address this. If you’re more of a get out and do-it-yourself kind of person, go outside regularly and knock down any accumulating ice you can see or reach. If you’re not so gung-ho about going outside in the snow or have a tall house, you can have a special, single-ply layer installed with a new roof to help provide protection to your home’s eaves.


The valleys on your roof are their most vulnerable weak spot, second only to flashing. A roof valley is the place where two sections of roofing meet at different angles. Part of the reason these areas are so vulnerable is because they often are sealed with flashing. The traditional method is to stop shingles shy of the angle change and fill it with flashing. This area is then able to funnel water off the roof and away. The biggest concern is the same as with any area that has flashing, that there will be gaps or the flashing will wear out, leaving the area vulnerable to moisture. Keep an eye on these areas or opt for a newer technique that involves weaving the shingles together to provide greater protection.

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