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Victoria Roofing Contractor and Roof Repair

When homeowners in Texas go looking for a Victoria TX roofing contractor, they routinely turn to Crest Exteriors. The city’s weather, historically known to be troublesome, can spell big trouble for any house. Crest Exteriors is top-ranked among Victoria TX roofers because the Crest team can do it all, and is happy to work on projects large or small.

How did we become the most respected Victoria TX roofing contractor? The secret is that every Crest job is backed by 16 years of diverse experience, a comprehensive guarantee, a best-in-the-business warranty, a top BBB rank, and a personal touch that is rare in a the home repair industry. Victoria TX roofing experts at Crest are at the top of their game.

A Victoria TX roofing company needs to understand the local weather conditions. Residents in Victoria often need help with issues like siding, shingle repair/replacement, custom roofing work, exterior paint jobs, skylight installation, doors, gutters and anything else that needs attending to after a storm.

Because Crest Exteriors is the Victoria TX roofing company that has all the bases covered, the entire Crest team is always ready to handle anything from a tiny repair job to a major project after a ferocious hurricane.

When It All Began…

The “Town of Guadalupe Victoria” was founded in 1824 and within a decade had grown to include 300 residents. By the middle of the 1900s, after years of slow growth due to military conflicts, the city finally came into its own when European settlers made it a regional center of trade.

Today, Victoria is a regional trade center known for its petrochemical industry, agriculture, and central location amid Houston, Corpus Christi, San Antonio and Austin. The population of the metro area is greater than 116,000 and the city sits just 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, marking it as a vital trading center.

Some key events in Victoria’s growth:

  • Martin De Leon was the founder of the city in 1824, naming it for the Republic of Mexico’s first president, General Guadalupe Victoria.
  • By 1850, Victoria had already become an important trade center due to its geographic location close to the Gulf of Mexico.
  • In 1971, the city was proud to become the newest University of Houston independent location. The city is also home to the renowned community institution, Victoria College.
  • The Leo Welder Center is home to many of the city’s art events, including the Victoria Ballet and Victoria Symphony Orchestra. There’s a Bach festival each July and numerous museums and art galleries throughout the city
  • The University of Houston-Victoria team, the Jaguars, compete in the NAIA Division I category in many sports, including softball, soccer, baseball and golf. The city is also home to the 2010 Texas Collegiate League championship baseball team, the Victoria Generals.
  • The VTXIFF (Victoria Texas International Film Festival) was ranked in the top 50 film festivals by Moviemaker Magazine.
  • Each year in or around late September, the city hosts a massive music festival called Bootfest, where huge crowds from all over the nation gather to hear some of the best Country Music that Texas has to offer, and it’s all free.
  • Locals are proud of Club Westerner, the state’s oldest dance hall, where Willie Nelson and Fats Domino, among many others, have played for hundreds of dancing audience members.

Hurricanes and Flooding Often Hit Victoria 

Victoria residents remember all too well the last two hurricanes that scored a direct hit on the city. Both events led to hundreds of Victoria TX roofing emergencies. Carla in 1961 and Claudette in 2003 rendered the power grid dead on arrival, closed the airport and caused millions of dollars in damage to private and public property. Victoria TX roofers often work around the clock after a major weather event. 

Victoria TX roof repair professionals like Crest Exteriors know that the city also gets pounded with heat and humidity during the summer months. Even “normal” weather like high heat and humidity can do long-term damage to homes. That’s why a Victoria TX roofing contractor needs to stay on top of climatic developments year round. 

Everyone in the area recalls the historic day in December 2004 when the city saw its first-ever White Christmas. More than 12 inches of snow fell on a town that usually sees none of the white stuff. Snow damage can necessitate the services of a Victoria TX roofer. In September of 2000, just four years before the big snowfall, residents endured the city’s hottest day in recorded history when the mercury shot up to 111 F. Victoria TX roof repair experts need to be ready for anything! 

A top-ranked Victoria TX roofer like Crest has the experience to deal with every extreme, and knows how to handle major and minor jobs that result from all kinds of weather. When locals seek the help of a Vitoria TX roofing expert, they call Crest Exteriors, the local team that knows how to get the job done.

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