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Tyler Roofing Contractor and Roof Repair

Residents in East Texas who need an expert Tyler roofing contractor hire Crest Exteriors for small and large jobs. Hot Texas summers and seasonal rains can age roofs rather quickly. That’s why it’s important for owners of old and new homes to seek out Tyler roofers with experience. Crest is respected by local residents because the top-ranked contractor knows the regional climate inside and out. 

How did Crest Exteriors rise to the top of Tyler roofing contractor ranks? The company’s secret is not so secret: Crest has earned the BBB’s top rating, has more than 16 years of diverse roofing experience, backs every job with an iron-clad warranty, and a personal touch. Tyler roofing jobs large and small are the Crest Exteriors team’s specialty. 

Every professional Tyler roofer should have a firm grasp on the local climate, understand seasonal rainfall cycles and know how hot summer weather can damage a roof. Year round, Tyler homeowners need services like exterior painting, gutter work, skylight installs, door additions, siding work, and dozens of other residential tasks. These sorts of challenges are part of the standard job description for a top-ranked Tyler roofing company like Crest. 

Tyler : In The Beginning… 

After the “Town of Tyler,” named after President John Tyler, was incorporated in 1850, there were just 276 residents. The city now boasts a population well over 100,000, is home to a major university, two colleges, numerous healthcare facilities, dozens of retail centers, and is a key agricultural and manufacturing location. 

Known for its natural beauty and stress-free lifestyle, Tyler is known nationally as a cultural, educational, medical, and financial hub. The metro statistical area’s population is approaching 210,000 residents. 

Some key events in Tyler’s growth:

  • In 1851, the “Tyler Telegraph” newspaper issued its first dailies. By 1890, the newspaper reported that Tyler’s population was nearly 7,000.
  • The “Town of Tyler” officially became the incorporated “City of Tyler” in 1907.
  • Tyler is the Rose Capital of the U.S. More than 35 percent of all rose bushes sold in the U.S. are grown in the Tyler region.
  • The city boasts nine golf courses and thousands of acres of public land designated for fishing, boating, and outdoor recreation.
  • There’s never a lack of sports entertainment in Tyler. College teams from UT, The Patriots, are in NCAA Div. III, while the Texas College Steers are in the HBCU league, and the Tyler Junior College Apaches are a NJCAA participant. There are also baseball, football, road racing, and soccer teams at the league level as well as a full slate of competitive high school sports.
  • Broadway Square Mall and Tyler Market Center are two of the best-known local shopping areas, and draw tourists throughout the year.
  • Wonderful, free attractions abound in Tyler, like Brookshire’s World of Wildlife, the Goodman Museum Rose Garden, and Caldwell Zoo.

Hurricanes and Flooding Often Hit Tyler 

Tyler roofing needs are greatest after heavy rains and hot, humid summers. Tyler roofers like Crest Exteriors have seen heavy rains nearly destroy the exteriors of many historic homes. New homes also need attention, so their roofs and gutters don’t age too quickly through a succession of hot summers and seasonal rain storms. 

Tyler homeowners know that the East Texas climate can put excessive strain on a home’s outer portions. That’s why Tyler roof repair experts like Crest Exteriors works with each homeowner to understand the unique challenges they face. Tyler roofing needs are as diverse as the old and new homes in the city itself. 

For Tyler roof repair needs, locals turn to Crest Exteriors. Tyler residents also recall that day in the summer of 2011 when the temperature reached a dizzying 115 F. That’s a long way from the city’s coldest day on record, January 18, 1930, when people were shivering in the -3 F evening chill. 

Crest has the depth of experience to assist homeowners who need a Tyler roofer that can get the job done right. When the job calls for a Tyler roofing company, whether the job is large or small, the Crest Exteriors team is just a phone call away.

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