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Fort Worth Roofing Contractor and Roof Repair

Central Texas homeowners who need an experienced Fort Worth roofing contractor turn to Crest Exteriors for jobs large and small. Crest, due to its stellar reputation, leads the pack among Fort Worth roofers and Fort Worth roof repair specialists. 

Why is Crest Exteriors known as the top Fort Worth roofing contractor? It’s because the team at Crest Exteriors has more than 15 years of roofing jobs under their belts, offers the best warranty in the Fort Worth roofing industry, and knows how Texas weather can sometimes wreak havoc on residential homes and businesses.

When Central Texas weather gets bad, homeowners turn to the Fort Worth roofer who knows how to deal with the elements: Crest Exteriors. Crest is the Fort Worth roofing company that keeps a careful watch on local weather conditions all year long so their teams can be at the ready when a storm hits and Fort Worth residents need help with roofing, siding or gutter repairs. 

Where the West Begins 

Incorporated in 1873 and named for William Worth, Fort Worth is the 15th biggest urban area in the United States and the fifth most populous city in Texas. There are currently 874,000 Fort Worthians residing there and that number is expected to exceed 1 million by the year 2020. 

Fast Fort Worth Facts: 

  • Sports: With Texas Christian University so near, Fort Worth residents can take advantage of a full menu of college sports. But the city also hosts numerous pro golf events, a marathon, a pro soccer team and a pro basketball team in the UBA league. And the Texas Motor Speedway is home to a series of world-class auto races every year.
  • Hot & Cold: The thermometer showed -8 F on a winter day in 1899 in Fort Worth, marking the coldest temperature in the city’s recorded history. But temperatures soared during the Heat Wave of 1980, when the highest ever-recorded temperature was 113 F.
  • Culture: The Bass Performance Hall, Billy Bob’s, the Fort Worth Opera, and the world famous Stohlman Museum are just a few of the main attractions in Fort Worth for art enthusiasts.
  • In 1933, outlaws Bonnie and Clyde used to reside, secretly, in the Stockyards Hotel. The hotel is still in operation and offers the same room to interested travelers. It’s called the Bonnie and Clyde Junior Suite.
  • To honor its history as a cattle town, Fort Worth hosts a cattle drive two times each day along Exchange Avenue. The drive is one of the city’s most popular attractions for tourists as well as locals.
  • The old Fort Worth military post was officially shut down in 1853. Today, on the exact same location, the Tarrant County Courthouse stands in its place

“Funky Town” Gets Its Share of Harsh Weather  

Whenever the need arises, Fort Worth roofing contractors like Crest Exteriors move into action. As all Fort Worth roofers know, the most formidable enemy of a roof is adverse weather. Crest knows how to repair damage caused by any type of destructive weather. 

Crest Exteriors has a deep understanding of Fort Worth roof repair situations, from tiny jobs to much larger projects. A top Fort Worth roofing company like Crest always works with customers to gain a complete understanding of exactly what needs to be done. 

The Fort Worth roofer with the expertise to deal with every conceivable kind of job is Crest Exteriors. The Crest team has risen to the top of the Fort Worth roofing industry and intends to stay there by doing every job right, and finishing on time, every time.

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