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El Paso Roofing Contractor and Roof Repair

West Texas residents looking for an El Paso roofing contractor can do no better than working with Crest Exteriors, the industry leader among El Paso roofers.

How did Crest Exteriors earn its reputation as the premier El Paso roofing contractor?

That’s an easy question to answer. Expert roofing professionals at Crest Exteriors have over 15 years of combined experience in the roofing and insurance industries, and Crest offers the best warranty of any El Paso roofing company and always delivers on its promise to do each job with expertise and quality craftsmanship. Crest Exteriors is the industry leader when it comes to El Paso roof repair.

When West Texas weather decides to take a bad turn, every El Paso roofer knows what comes next. Winds, rain, and severe climate can do a lot of damage to homes. Crest is the El Paso roofing company that keeps a close eye on weather patterns, so homeowners don’t have to.

Birth of “The Sun City”

First settled in 1680 but not incorporated until 1873, El Paso sits on the Rio Grande and now has an estimated population of 683,000. With a massive military presence and a multicultural population, El Paso is one of the truly dual-culture cities in the U.S.

El Paso Facts:

  • The El Paso Mission Trial was probably first used in 1598.
  • Hot & Cold: In 1994, the temperature reached 114 F, and in January of 1962, the thermometer showed a bone-chilling -7 F.
  • Culture: Along with a healthy dose of museums and art galleries, El Paso is home to rodeos, air shows, raft races, major fiestas, balloon events, and several nationally-ranked music festivals.
  • The very first celebration of Thanksgiving was not in Plymouth, but in El Paso! It took place 22 years before the more famous 1620 Pilgrim festival
  • Sports: El Paso hosts the second-oldest college bowl game every year, the Sun Bowl. The city also has dozens of league sports teams in baseball, soccer, ice hockey, indoor soccer, NCAA Division I football, basketball, softball, track, soccer and baseball. Locals are excited that El Paso will be getting its very own professional soccer team in 2019!
  • Boasting at least 302 days of sun per year, El Paso is thought to be one of the sunniest locales in the U.S.
  • Not only is El Paso one of the 10 safest cities in the country, but it is the only big city in Texas that uses Mountain Standard Time.

The “West Texas Town” With Short Winters and Blazing Summers

El Paso roofing contractors get busy whenever the West Texas climate makes up its mind to bring wind, high heat, and extreme temperatures to town. El Paso roofers like Crest Exteriors watch local climatic conditions all year long to better serve their customers.

El Paso roof repair needs are as varied as can be. That’s why Crest Exteriors works individually with each client to understand the specifics of their job. Crest knows that El Paso roofing jobs can range from small fix-up tasks to huge repair projects.

The El Paso roofer with the expertise to handle jobs big and small is Crest Exteriors. When it comes to the varied demands of El Paso roofing, Crest has the team that gets things done, on time and exactly as promised. Homeowners deserve nothing less!

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