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Dallas Roofing Contractor and Roof Repair

The roofing contractor Dallas homeowners turn to when weather causes structural damage is Crest Exteriors. Anyone in search of Dallas roofers should just look at what Crest has to offer. 

Why is Crest Exteriors considered the best Dallas roofing contractor? The answer is clear. Crest Exteriors performs every type of job in the Dallas roofing industry with highly trained roofing professionals that have over 15 years’ experience and a long list of satisfied customers to prove it. Plus, Crest Exteriors offers the most comprehensive warranty in the business.

When the unpredictable Texas weather decides to offer up high winds, rain storms, floods, and other climate events that can damage a home, it’s time to contact a reputable Dallas roofer. Crest is the Dallas roofing company that knows what Texas weather can do to any home, old or new. And when it comes to commercial roofing, Dallas businesses routinely turn to Crest. There’s no better choice when it comes to Dallas roof repair. 

The “Big D” Wasn’t Always So Big

Incorporated in 1856, Dallas has grown to become the ninth largest city in the U.S., with a population of about 4.6 million residents in the metro area. A major tourist, manufacturing, petrochemical, economic, healthcare and research center, the city of Dallas is steeped in history and change. 

Home to five professional sports teams, Dallas is considered the most centrally located urban area in the U.S. The city is as proud of being the birthplace of the computer microchip (1958) as it is for being the location where the term “Super Bowl” was coined (1966). 

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area is home to more than 7.2 million residents. The city is the largest non-waterway-based metro area in the country and is by far the biggest city in the Southern U.S. The growth of railway lines to transport “cotton, cattle and oil” brought the city to prominence during the late 1800s and continued to help it grow well into the 1900s. 

Now, with Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and the city’s many highways and rail connections, it is viewed as an important economic and transportation center. 

 Metroplex Factoids:

  • Between 1989 and 2011, Dallas saw its hottest and coldest days on record. In 2011, the temperature soared to 111 F, while the coldest day was in December 1989 when the low almost reached zero degrees, but not quite. The official reading was 0.1 F, just a tenth of a degree above zero.
  • In the Dallas area, there are 78,000 hotel rooms, even though the metro area gets almost 50 million visitors every year.
  • Numbers: Dallas is headquarters for 21 Fortune 500 companies, has an average of 81 rainy days each year, but only one snowfall every year.
  • The arts district is the largest such area in the entire United States
  • Cowboys Stadium is so big that even with its roof closed it could hold the Statue of Liberty
  • The Dallas metro area is the biggest city-plex in the U.S. that is not connected to a body of water.

Yes, It Gets Cold in Dallas  

When winter and summer weather extremes wreak havoc on homes, Dallas roofing contractors like Crest Exteriors are ready for action. As all reputable Dallas roofers know, a roof’s number one enemy is bad weather. 

Crest Exteriors is the Dallas roof repair contractor that works with clients one-on-one to see precisely what needs to be addressed on a job. A Dallas roofing company with a team like the one at Crest understands how to approach situations that call for minor repair or major work. For commercial roofing Dallas companies call on Crest Exteriors when roofing emergencies spring up. 

When Texas homeowners want experience and professionalism, they turn to Crest Exteriors as the Dallas roofer that delivers on promises and gets the job done right. The go-to experts in the Dallas roofing industry are the pros at Crest Exteriors.

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