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Corpus Christi Roofing Contractor and Roof Repair

The number one Corpus Christi roofing contractor, without a doubt, is Crest Exteriors. Texas homeowners seeking out reputable Corpus Christi roofers invariably end up calling Crest, and for good reason. 

How did Crest Exteriors grow to become the number one Corpus Christi roofing contractor? It’s simple. Crest knows what it takes to deliver on a promise. That promise means offering the best warranty in the Corpus Christi roofing industry, having a team with more than 15 years of diverse experience, and creating one more satisfied customer after each job. 

As any reputable Corpus Christi roofer knows, Texas weather can turn bad at the drop of a hat. Crest is the Corpus Christi roofing company that keeps a close watch on weather patterns to make certain that local homeowners get rapid response after storms, winds, and other adverse climate events. 

The Sparkling City by the Sea 

Not incorporated until 1852, Corpus Christi got its name (meaning “Body of Christ” in Latin) many years earlier. Explorer Alonso de Pineda called the port by that name in 1519 when he first saw the area. Nowadays, with almost 450,000 residents in the metro area, Corpus, as the locals call it, is the eighth largest city in Texas and the fifth largest port in the U.S. 

Corpus Christi endures some rough weather during hurricane season and has been hit by some major storms, like Hurricane Celia in 1970, Hurricane Allen in 1980 and even suffered damage from the more recent Hurricane Harvey in 2017. But the most destructive weather event in the city’s history was simply called “The 1919 Storm,” which occurred before the seawall was built and essentially wiped out the entire city. Hurricanes are just one reason that Corpus Christi roof repair is a necessity for homeowners. 

The city enjoys enthusiastic sporting events based on local league teams that compete in rugby, ice hockey, and baseball. The Texas State Aquarium and the USS Lexington are big attractions for tourists and local folks who enjoy the rich history and natural wonders of Corpus Christi. 

Corpus Christi Fast Facts:

  • Between 1989 and 2000, the city experienced both its hottest and coldest days. In September 2000, the mercury topped out at 109 F, but just 11 years earlier, in December of 1989, Corpus saw its coldest day in history when the ambient air temperature dipped to a frigid 12 degrees. Both those extremes were made all the more intense due to the city’s exceptionally humid atmosphere.
  • Nearly 8 million tourists visit the city each year, but about 75 percent of them are from the state of Texas.
  • Tourism is a huge business in the area, with more than $1 billion pouring in every year. One reason for the massive tourist trade: Corpus has more than 100 miles of Gulf beaches for outdoor lovers who want to swim, go boating, fish, and water ski.
  • In 1897, Corpus Christi received 5 inches of snow.
  • With average annual high and low temperatures of 65 and 93 degrees, respectively, the city is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream.

Wind, Rain and Storms Can’t Keep a Good City Down  

A Corpus Christi roofing company like Crest understands how wind, rain, storms and floods can do serious damage to any roof. That’s why Corpus Christi roofers spring into action whenever South Texas weather decides to get ugly. 

Corpus Christi roof repair pros like the experienced team at Crest Exteriors work with each client to determine exactly what needs to be done. Corpus Christi roofing companies need to be able to handle all sorts of repair jobs, from small fix-ups to large projects. 

The Corpus Christi roofer with the expertise and experience to finish any kind of repair job on time and exactly as promised is Crest Exteriors. Crest is the Corpus Christi roofing go-to contractor when it comes to jobs large and small, complicated and simple.

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