The Newest Trends in Home Exteriors

When people think about their homes, they often first think about the interior and any updates or improvements that need to happen to any of the interior spaces.  It is an obvious first thought because you do spend most of your time inside your home.  However, while interior improvements will improve the feel and functionality of your home for yourself, exterior improvements have the potential to improve the value and curb appeal of your home.  No matter what, your home is an investment.  By simply owning your home, you’re gaining equity that you should continue to build on throughout the entire time you live in the house.  Exterior home improvements that fit in with current trends can make a home especially appealing if you’re planning to sell any time in the next handful of years.  Consider some of your options below that are currently trending for home exteriors.       

Bright Front Doors

Whenever you paint your home’s exterior, you have to consider many different factors when you choose your colors for both the majority of the house and the details.  Brick colors, homeowner’s associations, and region can all affect what colors you choose for your home’s exterior.  However, your front door is another detail to think about.  Choosing a bold color to paint your front door is an ever-growing, home exterior trend that has really taken off.  If you have a grey house, try a bold, red or blue door.  Perhaps you want to paint your home’s exterior a light green; try a bright and cheery yellow or orange front door.

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Fancy Gutters

While it may not be your first thought, your gutters can provide some great curb appeal and improve the functionality of your home’s exterior.  If you’re thinking about replacing your gutters, consider some unique options available that are also currently trending.  You can opt for non-traditional materials, like gutters with a copper finish, or you can choose simple design patterns that will really make your gutters stand out.  Architectural decoration on the eaves from the gutters to the house is also an option in order to add some style to your home.  

Sustainable Materials

If you’re looking for exterior home trends that are also good for the environment, you’ll love that sustainable materials are all the rage in exterior home improvements.  From recycled roofing materials to using eco-friendly exteriors paints, opting for a sustainable material choice will not only look good, it will also be good for the environment.

Universal Design

One thing that will never go out of style is simple universal design elements.  Choosing neutral exterior paint colors and highlighting details with bold colors is one way to keep things more universal.  Additionally, don’t go crazy with custom exteriors, but choose improvements that provide clean lines and natural geometric shapes.  This way your home always stays relevant, while still looking modern and trendy.

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