Storm Damage, Warranties, and Your Insurance

When you install a new roof, you expect it to last for years, sometimes even a lifetime. But when a strong storm rolls through, there isn’t much you can do to protect your roof other than hunker down in your home yourself. However, after the storm passes, you will want to act quickly. Understanding what you need to do if your roof experiences any type of storm damage, from hail to fallen tree limbs, can make a big difference in how quickly the situation gets resolved and how much you have to pay out of your own pocket. Also, having an understanding of your current roof’s warranty and your homeowner’s insurance policy can really make a difference.

After a storm rolls through, there are a couple of steps you should take in order to protect your home even if you think you roof may be okay. The first is to have your roof professionally inspected, by your local roofer, for damage. This damage should be taken note of, and collect an estimate for repair or replacement if possible.

The next step is understanding your warranties and policies, because there could be a big difference in results between them.

Warranties Everywhere

Whenever you get a new roof, odds are it comes with a warranty. There are many different types of warranties available from the manufacturer. Most commonly, your warranty will cover against manufacturing defects or other problems that a manufacturer can control. Some roofs will also come with a warranty covering workmanship problems. This warranty can sometimes come from the manufacturer because the manufacturer has trained and certified a roofing company on their products to be able to guarantee the workmanship. Additionally, a few manufacturers will also guarantee their product against weather damage like hail for a set period of time. While this isn’t common practice, it’s still an option worth looking into for your new roof.

Manufacturers aren’t the only ones who provide warranties on roofing products. Roofing companies and installers will provide their own warranties on the products and services they provide. These warranties can last anywhere from a couple of years up to the lifetime of the roof.

What You Need to Know About Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Banks make you have homeowner’s insurance when you still owe money on your home in order to protect their financial investment from any large problems. However, it can highly benefit you in many ways, especially in respect to your roof. Homeowner’s insurance is the one thing that will always cover storm damage to your roof. After a storm passes, make sure to document any damage and contact your homeowner’s insurance promptly. Your homeowner’s insurance would not be the best option if you have a very high deductible and the repairs needed cost less than your deductible, or if your current roof is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty.

There is no need to stress about storm damage to your roof when you work with Crest Exteriors at any of our Texas or Colorado locations. You don’t need to feel alone figuring out what is best for your roof and your pocketbook when you call us for an estimate today. We specialize in storm damage to help you get your roof repaired fast.