Signs That Your Roof is Reaching the End of its Lifespan

Whenever you have a roof installed or even when you buy a new house, you don’t think that you might be replacing the roof sooner rather than later. In fact, you’d probably rather avoid thinking about that at all. We don’t blame you. Roofing can be an expensive investment but one that can be worth every penny. Having a new, strong roof on your house can not just protect your home, but it can also lower your homeowner’s insurance, prevent other damage to your home by eliminating leaks, and a good roof can last you a significant amount of time so that you can spread out the cost reasonably. It’s good to take time to examine your roof regularly, or have experts like ours here at Crest Exteriors do so, in order to have a good idea about the health of your roof. Keep reading for some of the many signs you should be looking for in order to know how your roof is doing and when it may be time for a roofing installation.


The age of your roofing is the number one indicator as to how long it will last and when you will need to replace it. Shingles and other roofing materials are rated to last for an expected amount of time, even when exposed to the elements like sun and snow. This amount of time is an estimate for what to expect based on testing prior to the release of the roofing product. This is not a be-all, end-all to how you should determine if you need a new roof. Pretend your roof is 22 years old and it is rated to 25 years. This does not guarantee that you won’t have to replace it before it hits 25 years of age. Other factors that you can read about below influence when you will need your roof replaced.

Curling Shingles

As your shingles are exposed to the sun, they can start to curl or warp over time. The more harsh the environment, the more likely that your shingles aren’t going to last quite as long as you would like. Also, poor-quality products can react to the elements more than higher-quality products. The way you roof is treated and what it has to endure will dictate how long you will have your roof, but it may also start your roof on the way towards more curled shingles and even lost ones. Once a certain percentage of your roof experiences this type of damage, you can be sure you’ll need a roof replacement by your local roofers.

Dents and Granule Loss

Hail can wreak havoc on a roof. Large balls of frozen water pummel your roof and is akin to hitting it with a hammer. While shingles can handle some hail, large and violent storms can quickly take years off the life of your roof. Having an expert come out and inspect your roof after such a storm is an important step to take in order to keep your home healthy. One of the things they look for is actual hail dents. These dents weaken the roof and start to breakdown the material. The more dents and the more long-term damage, the more likely your shingles will fail. Another thing roofing professionals will look for when they do a roof inspection is the level of granules that are falling off the shingles. Granule loss can be an indicator of your roof wearing down and needing a replacement sooner rather than later.

Aged Flashing

The flashing that surrounds your chimney and other vents on your roof is often a weak point for moisture and further leaks. Letting a roofing professional inspect not just your shingles or roofing material, but also your flashing is key in order to protect the weak points between where your roofing material meets other materials. Aged flashing or poorly installed flashing can open up your roof to a whole host of other problems from leaks to moisture in your attic and even rotting beams due to these problems. Keeping your flashing up-to-date with a roofing repair can be exceptionally important, and a roofing professional can help you to know what steps you need to take to protect your home.

Interior Leaks or Daylight

Not all roofing damage is visible from an exterior inspection, whether on the ground or from up on the roof. Sometimes, it’s necessary to crawl into the attic and inspect the roof from the inside. From there, a roofing professional can identify if there have been leaks that cannot be seen from the exterior of the home and if there are weak spots in the roof. Weak spots are identifiable when daylight can clearly be seen between the shingles, however these exact spots may not be visible from the outside.

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