Save Energy and Make Your Residential or Commercial Roof Cool

Previously on the blog, we discussed if shingle color can make a difference and help you to have a more energy-efficient, “cool” roof. But often, there is much more to an energy-efficient roof than simply the shingle color. Additionally, you don’t have to have a total roof replacement in order to benefit from many techniques that will help keep your home energy efficient through your roof. There are many different options that we can offer here at Crest Exteriors in order to provide you with the very best in roofing materials and efficiency for your Colorado Springs home. But first, what is a “cool” roof?

Cool Roof Technology

To have a cool roof, you need to combine a variety of factors and features. This can include everything from coatings, insulation, and shingle selection in order to reduce the amount of heat that a roof absorbs. According to, cool roofing can stay up to 50 degrees cooler than a dark roof, which can reach temperatures of upwards of 150 degrees F.

Having cool roof technology and materials implemented on your residential or commercial roof can provide a variety of benefits. For all buildings, a cool roof can help reduce your utility bills throughout the year and help to keep indoor spaces comfortable. Additionally, cool roof technology can also help to prolong the life of your HVAC system and your roof as well, by not placing as much stress on them through higher temperatures.

Options for Making Your Roof a Cool Roof

Residential Roofing

Residential roofs have a couple of options in order to be made cool. If you’re installing a new roof, look for asphalt shingles in light colors and that have a high reflectivity rating. Manufacturers can coat asphalt shingles during the creation process in order to improve the reflectivity of the granules while still having a natural look. These types of coatings can also be added to a roof after installation in order to improve the overall efficiency of a roof. Tile roofing can also be dealt with in a similar manner, as there are a variety of waterproofing and reflective coatings that can benefit tile shingles as well.

Commercial Roofing

There are many more options when it comes to low-slope roofing than typical residential roofing. However, commercial roofs typically have to be reinstalled in order to give them the cool properties that you’re seeking. For example, a built-up roof can be installed with a variety of different gravel choices in order to help reflect light, and therefore heat, away from the building. Coatings are also an option on built-up roofs that are already in place to help reduce the heat absorption. Other commercial roofing materials, such as modified bitumen and spray roofing, all typically have cooling and reflective coatings built into the products. These are ideal for when you are replacing an old, worn out roof.

Your roofing does more than just protect your home or business, it can also help to reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint. Contact Crest Exteriors in Colorado Springs to learn more about cool roofing and your options!