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The Effects of Hail Damage on Your Roof

Hail damage can happen fast in this part of the country, and it can be devastating to a roof. When a hail storm hits your area, the team at Crest Exteriors is just a phone call away. Why not work with a reliable, experienced roofing company that has seen it all before, does free hail damage roof inspections, and gives repair estimates for free?

Crest knows hail damage roof repair inside and out, and always assists customers with each step of the insurance claims process. What should every homeowner know about spotting a hail damaged roof and locating the very best hail damaged roof repair team?

First, everyone should know what a hail damaged roof looks like and understand the basics of how this kind of damage progresses. Next, it’s important to understand what to do once the homeowner notices hail damaged roofing.

The Four Factors of Hail Damage

Anyone who owns a home should know about the factors that affect a house during a hail storm. The “Big 4” are hail, material, wind and barriers. Whenever a storm brings hail, the amount of damage is based on the size of the hail stones (and their density), the material on a roof, the speed and direction of wind, and whether there are any protective barriers in place (like large trees or other buildings).

  • Hail: Small, dense hail stones can cause serious damage, so it’s not just a matter of “bigger is worse.” One major part of the equation is how dense the hail is. Soft, mushy hail might cause little or no damage. On the other hand, dense, icy hail can be devastating.

  • Material: Roofing material is another key factor in determining how much damage hail can do. Aluminum, vinyl and wood all react differently. Hail stones can leave thousands of dents in aluminum, can break vinyl, and can cause wood to splinter or split. Homeowners should know what type of roofing material they have in place. Also, older, poorly maintained roofs tend to suffer the most in hail storms. That’s why it’s important to keep roofs in top shape.

  • Wind: As with all weather events, wind speed and direction are important considerations. When it comes to hail damage, high winds can magnify the power of the hail stones by increasing their speed and causing them to shift direction.

  • Barriers: Some homeowners are lucky. Their structures are surrounded by protective barriers like large trees, adjacent hills, other homes, high fences, and even specialized landscaping features. Homes that stand alone within a big yard and have no trees or other houses nearby typically are the hardest hit by hail storms because there are no protective barriers.

  • Understanding the four factors of a hail storm can help homeowners know what to expect when a storm is on the way.

How to Identify Hail Damage Roof Issues

Hail damage roofing symptoms include things like broken shingles, damaged tiles and multiple indentations anywhere on the roof, on the gutters, or on areas where siding covers the home.

Asphalt, wood, and composition shingles react to hail in quite different ways. For example, an excess of granules (from asphalt shingles) in gutters is usually a sign that recent hail damage has shaken the granules free. This leaves the shingles susceptible to heat damage, cracking and eventual breakdown.

Chipped, broken, or cracked shingles are the most obvious signs that hail has done its dirty work. Less obvious features of hail damage include loss of granules (see above), an unusually “shiny” asphalt matting on shingles, tiny orange or brown splits in the bodies of shingles, dents in the roof surface, small black dots in roof coverings, and many more.

Always be on the lookout for the common symptoms of hail damage but resist the urge to pull out a ladder and do a major inspection. Leave that task to roofing professionals.

If You Need Hail Damage Roof Repair

Safety first! It’s one thing to look at a roof after a hail storm and try to spot areas of obvious damage. But a homeowner should never attempt to climb onto a roof to get a closer look. That’s what professional roofers are for. The Crest Exteriors repair experts are happy to check out any roof, inspect it for damage, and give the homeowner a free estimate with no strings attached.

Insurance coverage for hail damage roof replacement or repair is essential. Most homeowners have insurance that covers the costs involved, but there’s still the problem of filing a claim quickly and correctly. Keep in mind that some insurers enforce “claim periods”. Check with your insurance company how long you have to make a claim.

At Crest Exteriors, our team is on hand to help everyone who has suffered hail damage. We walk our customers, step by step, through the claim filing process and make sure every detail is taken care of. That way, homeowners can relax and know that their insurance company won’t be bothering them about improperly filled-out claim forms.

The bottom line is this: If there’s been a hail storm, call the experts at Crest Exteriors for a free inspection, a free estimate and the most trusted repair team in the industry. We’ll make sure all insurance claims are filed accurately and on time so that homeowners can get the damage fixed without hassles or delays. There’s absolutely no reason to lose the battle against hail damage. Defeat roof hail damage by teaming up with Crest Exteriors.

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