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Kansas City Roofing Contractor and Roof Repair

Whenever homeowners are in need of a Kansas City roofing contractor, they get in touch with Crest Exteriors. Humid KC summers and frigid winters take a heavy toll on even the best-built homes. That’s the reason Kansas City roofers with experience are always on the go. 

Why is Crest Exteriors the most respected name in Kansas City roofing contractor circles? The answer is simple. Crest is a BBB top-rated company whose staff has over 15 years of varied experience with all kinds of homes, and backs every one of its jobs with a comprehensive warranty. Kansas City roofing jobs are what Crest is all about.

As every top-ranked Kansas City roofer should know, Midwestern weather cycles can be abrupt, harsh, and tough on any house. Summers in KC can be downright unbearable, especially when heat and humidity combine for the one-two punch. Roofs expand in hot weather and contract when temperatures drop below zero, as happens every winter in Kansas City. 

A Kansas City roofing company needs to understand how the local area’s unique weather patterns play out, and has to be ready to assist homeowners who need help keeping their roofs in top shape. KC Roofing pros need to be adaptable. 

Kansas City : From River Town to Metropolis 

When the Town of Kansas was incorporated in 1851, few would have dreamed that Kansas City, Missouri, would someday be the 35th largest city in the U.S., with a metro area containing more than 2 million souls. Those early days were ones of conflict between new settlers, Indians, French trappers, riverboat traders and many other participants in the town’s growth. 

Later coming of age as a key center of the jazz and modern music movements, Kansas City grew quickly to become a larger, more modern version of what it was from the beginning: a communications and trading center where people from all over the U.S. criss-crossed the nation on their travels. 

Some Key Events in Kansas City’s Growth:

  • Founded in 1850 as the Town of Kansas, the city grew quickly as a major rail, transportation, shipping and cattle hub. The metro area now has more than 2 million residents and is one of the primary telecommunications centers in the U.S.
  • Kansas City is located smack dab in the middle of what meteorologists call “Tornado Alley.” That means that at least once each year the region is threatened with a devastating tornado. Most don’t land, but when they do, hundreds of homes and businesses can be destroyed within a few minutes.
  • Many older Kansas City residents remember the devastating “Flood of 1951,” when the mile-wide Missouri river burst its banks after weeks of heavy rains. Occasional flooding is still a problem in the downtown area and this is one of the reasons the city has grown southward, away from the river, since the 1950s.
  • Famous journalist Walter Cronkite grew up in Kansas City. Actor Spencer Tracy spent part of his youth there
  • One of the centers of the early Jazz renaissance, Kansas City is still on the cutting edge of the music business. Jazz, classic rock, and other music clubs abound all over the city but especially in the historic Westport area.
  • The Union Station is a national historic landmark and was once the second-busiest train station in the U.S. Dozens of major Hollywood films have been shot there.
  • The Country Club Plaza is one of the most famous shopping areas I the world and draws an international tourist crowd during the cool spring months.

Floods and Tornadoes Are Part of the Kansas City Landscape

After particularly hot summers and icy winters, every Kansas City roofing company is busy around the clock. There always seems to be at least one or two “major” snow storms each calendar year, several days of intense heat, and a tornado warning or two. These weather events can age a roof rapidly. That’s why Kansas City roofers like Crest Exteriors closely follow the climate patterns and know when to expect lots of calls for repair work and routine maintenance. 

Kansas City roof repair professionals like the team at Crest Exteriors always works closely with home owners to address the unique needs of every home. Because the city is composed of so many different types of residential structures, Kansas City roofing needs can be complicated. That means it’s imperative for consumers to work with a team of contractors that has the experience to handle all sorts of jobs. 

In recent years, Kansas City roof repair professionals and local residents recall that December day in 1989 when the temperature sank to a bone-chilling -23 F. Many years prior, in 1936, one summer day logged in at a balmy 113 F, still the city’s hottest day on record. 

Crest is the Kansas City roofer that knows how to do it all, from small jobs to large, after a huge snow fall or a destructive storm. The Kansas City roofing expert with the experience to handle whatever Mother Nature dishes out is Crest Exteriors.

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