High Wind Warning and Roofing Repair

With nothing to stop the winds from ripping through the Tyler, Texas area, it’s no surprise that many homeowners have problems with roof damage from the wind. While you may have an excellent roof or even a new roof, no home is immune when a high wind warning is declared. Because you never know when severe weather could be a problem, it’s important to take a peek at your roof on a regular basis to know the current condition. If there have been high winds in the Tyler area, keep reading for some tips to best take care of your roof and your family.

If there has been an announcement, whether on the news or radio, for a high wind warning, there are a few things you want to avoid. The first is simply being outside. It doesn’t matter if you need to walk somewhere and it only takes a few minutes or if you need to drive somewhere, high wind warnings are not to be taken lightly. Many rollover accidents happen because of high winds across the region. When you can, stay inside and assess any damage after the fact.

Signs of Wind Damage

After the winds have subsided, it’s time to check your home and your roofing for any damage. The easiest way to do this is to simply take a stroll around your home, carefully checking everything visually from top to bottom. You’ll probably have a few overturned plant pots, so right those, but also watch out for signs of damage to your roof. The edges are going to be the spots that are most susceptible as wind can get underneath the shingles in these spots and push. Obvious wind damage will include missing shingles or missing patches of roofing material. More subtle signs of wind damage may not be as easy to spot without a closer inspection. These can include warped shingles that bend upwards and cracked or torn shingles from all the pulling and pushing the wind did.

Ways to Prevent Wind Damage to Your Home

Unfortunately, wind is a hard natural element to prevent damage from. Sometimes the best you can do is batten down the hatches and wait it out. However, a roof in good repair and that has been well maintained is less likely to suffer any wind damage. This is because a well maintained roof does not leave room for wind to get under the shingles and cause problems. This can mean having regular maintenance and repairs in order to keep a roof in good repair, and also replacing the roof after it’s reached an age where repairs are no longer an option, is the ideal way in which to avoid any roof damage in general.

What to Do if You See Wind Damage

Whether you do a visual roof inspection yourself or you call on Crest Exteriors to come out and inspect your roof for you, there are several steps you need to take in order to best care for your roof moving forward. If you find damage, you’ll want to have the damage repaired. You’ll need a professional roofing contractor to come out and make the repairs. Repair costs may be an out-of-pocket expense, however, if they are severe enough, it may be ideal to utilize your homeowners insurance. This is the ideal situation is if the repairs would cost more than your deductible so that you only pay the deductible for all the work you need done.

Don’t feel alone if high wind comes through Tyler, Texas, turn to Crest Exteriors for expert help in caring for your roof. Schedule an inspection with Crest Exteriors today!