Give Your Roof the Maintenance it Deserves

Your roof faces many different hardships by topping your home. It provides the protection that much of the rest of your house needs in order to protect you. It faces the sun and heat day in and day out. When it’s not hot, it protects you from rain, hail, snow, and so much more. Your roofing faces regular, daily abuse from the elements, so isn’t it time to pamper your roof a little bit by providing it with the regular maintenance that it not only deserves, but probably needs. There is a lot you can do in order to extend the life of your roof and to help it stay strong so that it can do its job and protect the rest of your home. Include the following maintenance actions in your roof pampering routine.

Roofing Inspection

Previously on the blog, we talked about the importance of having regular roof inspections in order to keep an eye on possible problems that may occur with your roof and stop little problems before they become big problems. A professional roofer can inspect for problems with damage or leaking, and repair these problems in order to maintain the strength of the roof.

Clean the Gutters

While we often don’t think of the gutters in conjunction with the roof, they can often affect one another. Keeping your gutters clean and in good repair is another way in which you can help your roof. By having gutters in working order, you allow precipitation to easily move off of the roof and away from the house foundation. If you have trees near your home, you’ll want to regularly clean out the leaves each fall or install leaf repelling mesh into the gutter. Additionally, checking your gutters regularly can help you identify if your roof has gotten too old by the amount of granules or other material debris that you find there, allowing you to act appropriately and start planning for a new roof.

Prompt Repairs

Telling yourself that a small problem with your roof is no big deal is the shortest path to letting it become a big deal. Prompt repairs of any leaks, missing shingles, or other damage to your current roof can help prevent further, larger problems that will drain your pocketbook. Quickly addressing patches of damage after a storm or a small leak the first time you see it by having professionals come out for prompt repairs means that the little problems stay just that: Little.

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Anything But Shingles…

If your roof has anything but shingles on it, you’ve probably neglected it for far too long. Roofs can be a breeding ground for moss, algae, and other plant life. They can also attract many different pests that you don’t want calling your roof home. Ants, hornets, birds, termites, and many other critters can easily take up residence in a roof that is left neglected. Regular maintenance, that can include power washing and inspections to name a few, can help prevent anything from calling your roof home and causing the shingles to break down prematurely.

Crest Exteriors can help you provide your roof with the regular maintenance and care that it deserves. It spends all its time taking care of you and your family; spend a little time letting your roof get the pampering it deserves. Contact Crest Exteriors in Dallas, Fort Worth, Tyler, or Denver today to set up your roof inspection.