Maybe you spent a summer in college working for a roofer and helping to hammer in shingles for three months.  Maybe you’re a savvy weekend warrior who loves to use YouTube to figure out the solution to any home project.  That’s great that you’re willing to take the chance and work hard, but sometimes, you have to take a step back and be able to realize what is a do-it-yourself project, and what is not.  

When you need a new roof or even just roofing repairs, you may want to think twice before putting the work on your weekend work project list.  Roofing isn’t a task that should be taken on lightly, as there are many dangers that can come with it.  More often than not, you should firmly place roofing and roof repairs into your list of tasks that need to be done by a professional.  Don’t just take our word for it, consider the following reasons why you should table the urge to make roofing a DIY project and call the professionals at Crest Exteriors.

DIY Roofing Isn’t Cost Effective

You may love doing DIY projects because they tend to be more cost effective than hiring a professional.  We understand that, but don’t expect roofing to pan out in your favor.  While it may seem reasonable that a roofing repair should cost you less if you do it yourself, that’s typically not the case.  Along with putting yourself and your home in danger, which we will cover next, you are spending extra money on some of the following items.

Dump Fees

Have you ever seen how much trash can come off a roof when it’s stripped down for a new roof installation?  We have, and it’s a lot of material that not only has to be taken off your roof but also removed from your property.  This means that you will incur dump fees and possibly even haul away fees that are traditionally covered when you hire a professional roofer to take care of your roofing installation


As we mentioned above, maybe you did a stint as a summer roofer when you were younger and you aquired a few helpful roofing tools at the time, but the odds that you have an air compressor with a nail gun and the many other tools that are necessary to complete a competent roofing job are small.  Tools can get very expensive, very quickly, and roofing companies have already made the investment in the tools so you don’t have to.   

Damaged Materials

You’ve done the math and you think you’ve got it all figured out on how much in materials you’ll need to spend for your roofing project, however, you’re going to probably spend a pretty penny in damaged materials from learning roofing techniques as you go.  Along with losing money in damaged materials, you’re also going to be paying more for your materials because you can’t buy them in bulk like a roofing company can.

Dangerous Work

The number one reason you shouldn’t turn a roofing project into a DIY project is simply that it’s dangerous.  Over 2,000 Americans fall off roofs each year and die.  While this doesn’t specify what these individuals were doing on the roofs, the odds are they were doing roof repairs or something similar when they fell.  It’s not worth risking your life to try and save a few bucks when professionals know what precautions to take when working on the roof.  In addition to the risk of falling from the roof, there are other dangers from working on your roof.  Your roof could easily have become the home to wasps and bees, and weather can quickly become a safety hazard when you’re up on the roof.  The main take away is to simply leave roof work to the professionals because it’s not worth harming your well-being.   

Roofing Takes Experience

Roofing is not a skill that is easily learned from YouTube videos.  In fact, it can take years of experience in order for professional roofers to be able to identify many different problems that can occur on roofs.  Being able to identify where leaks exist, where weaknesses in your roof may be, and being able to fix problems properly all take experience from seeing a variety of roofs on a daily basis.  Without this experience, it’s very easy to miss critical problems with your roof that can lead to even more problematic damage and bigger costs down the line.

DIY Roofing May Lose You Your Coverage

While homeowner’s insurance will cover a lot of different events, one of the most common things that you will use homeowner’s insurance on is if your roof gets damaged by a storm and needs to be replaced.  If you opt to take the insurance funds and repair or replace your roof yourself, you may be voiding your homeowner’s insurance coverage.  By not having a professional install or repair your roof, you could be violating the policy and making it virtually worthless, and you also open up your home to even bigger risks by losing your coverage.  It’s simply not worth the risk.

Your Time is Valuable

Lastly, much like how your life is very valuable, your time also has value.  If you opt to make your roof a DIY project, you’re saying that your time is worth investing the many, many hours into working on your roof that would take professionals a fraction of the time.  For most of us, this simply isn’t the case.  Time might be better spent tackling DIY projects on the house that have a better personal return on time investment or even with your family instead of up on the roof trying to tackle a project that you just probably shouldn’t.    

There are many times where making your home improvement project a DIY project is worth it.  Your roof simply isn’t one of those times.  For many reasons, but mostly for your own safety, don’t attempt any roofing work as a DIY, but call a reliable roofing company like Crest Exteriors, who can send trained professionals to your home to get the job done quickly and competently.