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Denver Roofing Contractor and Roof Repair

Colorado residents who own homes and need an experienced, reliable Denver roofing contractor turn to Crest Exteriors. Crest stands along among Denver roofers because of its professional team and many years of experience. 

Crest has earned the top industry spot as the most respected Denver roofing contractor. How? Because Crest has worked on virtually every kind of home in the Denver roofing market, offers a comprehensive warranty, and has a professional team that delivers on every job, leaving a long trail of satisfied customers and exquisite work wherever they do business. Crest Exteriors understands that Denver roof repair jobs come in all shapes and sizes. 

When Colorado weather decides to turn for the worse, every Denver roofer knows what that can entail: damaged sidin, decimated roofs, destroyed gutters, and shingles that get frozen into uselessness. Crest Exteriors is the Denver roofing company that keeps a close eye on the local climate to make sure homeowners get the help they need, when they need it most. Crest’s customers include residential homeowners and companies with Denver commercial roofing needs. 

Denver’s Mile High History 

Named after a Kansas Territorial Governor, James Denver, the city was officially incorporated in 1861 as a result of the regional gold rush. Ranching and jobs related to the Transcontinental Railroad were the first major business activities in Denver, which has since grown to become the 19th most populous city in the U.S., with its number of residents (in the metro area) standing at nearly 3 million citizens. 

Denver’s Colorful History:  

  • Denver is one of the most culture-and-arts-friendly cities in the world, and features museums of all kinds, a top-ranked symphony orchestra, and a vibrant music scene. US New and World Report Magazine ranked Denver as the number one place to live in the entire United States.
  • Denver has more sunny days than either Miami Beach or San Diego, but the winters can be bitter cold and usually bring large snowfalls to the city.
  • Sports enthusiasts love Denver’s rich tapestry of professional teams in football, baseball, hockey, soccer and basketball. Sports are always in season in Denver.
  • In 1875, the temperature in Denver sank to -29 F, still a record. But in June of 2012, the mercury hit 100 degrees for the first time ever in the Mile High City.
  • At the Capitol building in downtown Denver, the 13th step on the staircase is precisely one mile above sea level.
  • One of the city’s most beloved, late residents was Louis Ballast. In 1935, Mr. Ballast created something no one had ever seen or heard of: the cheeseburger.

Extreme Weather is Part of Life in Denver  

When snow, ice and wind have done their damage, Denver roofing contractors go to work. Crest Exteriors always follows regional climate patterns so they can be one step ahead of customer needs. Denver roofers like Crest Exteriors observe local weather cycles year-round. 

For Denver roof repair jobs that call for experience and professionalism, Crest has the team to get the job done. Denver roofing company jobs are varied and can be complex, depending on the type of structure and the damage that needs to be addressed. 

The Denver roofer with the experience and integrity to handle every type of project is Crest Exteriors. Crest is the Denver roofing pro, and always backs up its promises with a rock-solid warranty and an unmatched team of experts. For residential work and Denver commercial roofing needs, Crest does it all.

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