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Colorado Springs Roofing Contractor and Roof Repair

Homeowners who try to find a reputable Colorado Springs roofing contractor soon discover the top-ranked industry member, Crest Exteriors. Crest is number one among Colorado Springs roofers because they deliver on their promises every time, providing quality workmanship, integrity and unparalleled customer service. 

How did Crest Exteriors earn its reputation as the preferred Colorado Springs roofing contractor? It’s because the team at Crest Exteriors has over 15 years of experience in the roofing and insurance industries, working on every type of roofing structure, in all kinds of weather. Crest Exteriors offers a full, no-strings-attached warranty and when it comes to Colorado Springs roof repair companies, Crest has the qualifications to get the job done.

Residents of Colorado Springs know all too well, local weather can cause all sorts of problems for any kind of home. Crest Exteriors is the Colorado Springs roofer with a handle on the weather. For any Colorado Springs roofing company, understanding the climate is a big part of the challenge.  

Incorporated in 1871, Colorado’s other “mile high city,” Colorado Springs, sits at the base of Pike’s Peak and is home to dozens of world-class sporting teams and training camps, including the U.S. Olympic Training Center. 

When the frontier town began in the late 1800s, there were just a few hundred residents, all of them ranchers and farmers. Now, the metro area of Colorado Springs includes well over 710,000 people, making it the second biggest city in the state and the 42nd largest city (measured by population) in the U.S. 

With its giant footprint of 195 square miles of land, the city of Colorado Springs is officially the largest city, based on land size, in the state. 

Key Facts About Colorado Springs:

  • The city has drastic daily temperature variations due to the influence of the Chinook winds. In addition to snow, Colorado Springs is famous (or infamous perhaps) for lightning strikes. That’s the reason renowned scientist Nikola Tesla chose the city as his base of operations and the home of his first major “electricity laboratory.”
  • More than 5 million tourists arrive in Colorado Springs each year to take in the wondrous beauty of the natural environment.
  • Arts abound in the city, with the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and dozens of art galleries to satisfy culture hounds of every description.
  • Sports are an integral part of the city’s culture and history, with everything from figure skating and dozens of other Olympic events featuring their world headquarters in the city.
  • In 1954, history was made in Colorado Springs when the temperature reached 100 F for the first and last time on record! The coldest day, and there are lots of cold days in the city, was a 1951 winter morning when the temperature dipped to a numbing -26 F.
  • The U.S. Air Force Academy is north of the city and is the reason so many military personnel live in Colorado Springs.
  • The city was named the “Fifth best location to reside” in the U.S.

Wind and Snow Take Their Toll  

After weather damage has taken its toll, Colorado Springs roofing contractors are in high demand. That’s the reason Colorado Springs roofers like Crest Exteriors always watch local weather changes so they know when homeowners will need the most help. 

Colorado Springs roof repair experts like the professionals at Crest Exteriors work hand-in-hand with residents who need help with home repairs of all kinds. Because Colorado Springs roofing needs are so varied, Crest addresses each job with a unique approach. 

Crest Exteriors is the respected Colorado Springs roofer that has the experience to do jobs of all kinds, and help homeowners deal with extreme weather whenever it hits. The Colorado Springs roofing company that goes the distance to make every job a success is Crest Exteriors.

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