What Color Should Your New Roof Be?


Roof Colors: There’s more than just Brown! The roof of your house is just as important to the overall appearance of your house, as your hair is to your head! It's easy to just say “just pick any color” when our roofer asks but, the color of your roof affects a lot of different aspects

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Residential Roofing Frequently Asked Questions


When it comes to residential roofing, we hear plenty of questions from the customers we work with about the process and roofing care in general. This is probably because your roof is an investment that you don’t have to make very often. While you do have to invest in the care of your roof, you

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High Wind Warning and Roofing Repair


With nothing to stop the winds from ripping through the Tyler, Texas area, it’s no surprise that many homeowners have problems with roof damage from the wind. While you may have an excellent roof or even a new roof, no home is immune when a high wind warning is declared. Because you never know when

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