How to Winterize Your Roof Checklist


When the calendar for the year is on its last few pages, it’s time to think about winterizing your roof. The cold months can bring all sorts of hazards that call for roof repair, so it’s always a good idea to make sure protection is in place before roof storm damage hits. A thorough checklist

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How to Safely Remove Snow from Your Roof


How to Safely Remove Snow from Your Roof - The Do's and Don'ts of Snow Removal Ahhh winter…picturesque views of snow-covered yards and rooftops, perhaps twinkling with the shine of holiday lights (especially this time of year). But the snow of movies and greeting cards pales to the reality of the often-dangerous weight snow

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What to look for in a roof when you’re buying a home


What to look for in a roof when you’re buying a home. When you're in the market for a home, you want to be sure that the house you choose is structurally sound. The roof is the first and most important thing to look at. Not only does a roof protect the rest of

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What Color Should Your New Roof Be?


Roof Colors: There’s more than just Brown! The roof of your house is just as important to the overall appearance of your house, as your hair is to your head! It's easy to just say “just pick any color” when our roofer asks but, the color of your roof affects a lot of different aspects

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CertainTeed Visual Appeal


The look of your shingles may not be your top priority when choosing a roof – your biggest concern probably lies with performance.  However, homeowners also have to consider the value of curb appeal, and CertainTeed shingles deliver both protection and aesthetic appeal, thanks to a variety of choices for colors and styles. Whether you

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CertainTeed Longevity


CertainTeed wants homeowners to feel confident in the performance and longevity of their 5-star roofing systems, which is why they take great pains to ensure that every roof is installed to their exacting standards.  CertainTeed provides installation instructions for roofing partners like Crest Exteriors to ensure that every homeowner enjoys high standards of quality and

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CertainTeed Performance


Protection of home and family is priority number one for homeowners when it comes to replacing roofing, and CertainTeed delivers.  CertainTeed 5-Star Roof systems entail more than just the shingles you see.  Education and certifications are a prerequisite for foremen working to install CertainTeed products, and the process includes a complete cleanup of prior roofing

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So Many Shingles, How Do I Choose?


At first, it can seem like an impossible task to select a new shingle.  At one time it was as simple as saying “red” or “green” or “blue” and choosing between 10, 15, or 20 year shingles.  The manufacturing techniques have improved so much that now you can find shingles warranted for 50 years or

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Hail On Earth: When the Sky Delivers Really Hard Water


 Where you live, you’ve probably experienced harmless small hail that melts so quickly when it stops that there is practically nothing left on the ground. It doesn’t break windows, or even scratch the finish on a car; and it certainly doesn’t hurt your roof. They fall at about 29 fps (feet per second) and even

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