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I’m Rich Noonan- from Best of The Best Television, a program in which we travel all over America in search of our nations best businesses and we have found one of them.

Today on Best of The Best, the Crest Exteriors story.

Congratulations to the entire team at Crest Exteriors serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Tyler, Texas and Denver, Colorado markets on this national honor from Best of The Best and more importantly for delivering gold standard customer service and workmanship every single day. At Best of The Best, we never tell a company owner that we are profiling that company we simply begin our research on any company the same way that most customers with these days we read every word on the company website everything we could find online about that company and if we like what we see we proceed with a full review, we love the Crest Exterior story

Crest Exteriors is a GF Certified roofing contractor but they also do all kinds of exterior renovations gutter, siding, windows, doors, skylights, exterior painting and more, both residential and commercial.

The owners are not your average contractors, Sam Struthers and his wife Valerie spent over 12 years working as independent insurance adjusters they inspected scores of properties after terrible hail storms, tornadoes, floods you name it they understand the insurance process better than anyone so when they transition to the roofing and restoration business they brought with them a foundation of knowledge that is so critical for clients who need to get back on their feet fast after that storm.

Sam and Valerie are very proud of their very experienced team of people, their tight-knit group of people who enjoy what they’re doing and our research shows that the owners should be proud of this team.

Crest Exteriors is a GF certified roofing contractor which means they use the best of the best materials and it also means they can offer fantastic warranties on a Crest roof backed by GAF, a huge corporation. GAF Roofing materials are widely regarded as the best you can get.

At Best of The Best, we care most though about what real customers say about any business, there views and testimonials about Crest Exteriors on Google+ and other places are fantastic. Customers who’ve had a broad range of services performed by this company rave about the workmanship the professionalism of the team, the value, the communications and most important to us the honesty and integrity displayed by Sam and the Crest Exteriors team every single day

We urge you to do your homework on Crest Exteriors like we did, read those reviews like we did and you will be impressed like we were.

Congratulations to everyone a Crest Exterior serving the people of Texas and Colorado with distinction and there is probably no better company in America you could call if you’ve had damage from a storm or some other problem in your home or office, the people at Crest are eminently qualified.

Congratulations to everyone at Crest on this national honor from Best of The Best and more importantly for doing business only one way every single day, the right way

Congratulations, everyone.