4 Home Improvements to Make When You Install a New Roof

Working on your home and hiring professionals to make a variety of home improvements can be a very rewarding investment into one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. Your roof is one project that you will need to hire a professional to work on whenever it needs repairs or replacement. If you’ve made the decision to replace your roof, this might also be the perfect opportunity to invest in some other home improvement projects! The experts at Crest Exteriors specialize in roofing, but we can do it all. Any project involving the exterior of your home, we’re trained to do. From the top of the eaves down to where your home meets grass, we can provide you with a variety of home improvements that can make you proud to call a house your home.  


The very first thing you should consider when having new roofing installed on your home is simply to upgrade the roofing material itself. Instead of opting for the cheapest asphalt shingles you can find, pick something that will last and give your home a unique look. Improving the quality of your roofing materials can help make your money go further by investing up front instead of having to replace your shingles every 10 to 15 years. Let the experts at Crest Exteriors help you find the perfect roofing choice for you when we provide you many different options, including a variety of top-tier manufacturers, to choose from.


Natural light in your home can not only improve the ambience but also improve mood. The more natural light, the better a space can look and feel. While skylights can definitely be installed in your home at any time, when you have your roof replaced is an excellent time in which to execute this home improvement project. The roof is already exposed and it’s much easier to make sure that a skylight has the proper seals and flows seamlessly with your new roof.


At the same time that you opt to have a new roof installed on your home, consider updating the gutters as well. Whether they simply need some maintenance and repairs, or you are in need of new gutters to go with the new roof, you can rest assured that everything will be well done if you let Crest Exteriors tackle this home improvement project for you. Your gutters help protect your home and making sure they’re doing their job will allow them to keep protecting your home for years to come.


Just like when you opt to put in skylights, adding a fireplace to your home during a new roof installation is a great time in which to do this home improvement. Your roof is exposed, making it easy to install ventilation for either a wood-burning or gas fireplace. A fireplace can add not just warmth to your home, but also ambiance, comfort, and a decent return on investment.

Getting a new roof is a great first step in order to improve the value of your home and protect it, but while you’re at it, consider letting Crest Exteriors take your home improvements one step farther by doing one of the above upgrades that are made easier during the roof installation process. Contact Crest Exteriors for more information about our services in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Tyler, and Denver areas!